Sunset 7-30-10

  • Friday, July 30, 2010
  • Chad
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  • A couple of photos from tonights sunset.


    Scott said...

    You just wanted to make me feel bad that I didn't go out with you ;^) I do like that first one especially with the flare coming out from behind Fremont Island. See I didn't have to go out and I still got to enjoy it. Thanks.

    Costea Andrea Mihai said...

    excellent tones!!

    Stacey Dawn said...

    Those rays are spectacular - makes me think of God reaching up from behind reminding me He is always present.

    Rick said...

    Love those rays reflecting off the clouds in that top photo! Nice pastel colours in the 2nd - looks like you got a jump on Sunday! ;-)

    Jeanne Klaver said...

    The top photo reminds me of the sunsets we get here in Santa Fe. They're both beautiful.

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