Celestial Structures

  • Friday, October 22, 2010
  • Chad
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  • I read Scotts post this morning,so I decided to quickly put up a few night shots. Both are of the same structure,which was huge. I don't know if the picture gives it true size. The 2nd picture is of its face. One thing I found out is I need a much faster wide angle lens,But my wife tells me thats not going to happen.
    Please enlarge the pictures.


    Scott Law said...

    These are great. It's amazing how light these look when I was there and know how pitch dark it seemed as we kept tripping over plants and rocks.

    Sandra said...

    these are great, Chad, I followed Scotts directions to get here and like your Phun also. you had a great idea. i have not tried starry starry night photos. I had a thought for both of you. do rattle snakes go out in the dark>?

    Jeanne Frances Klaver said...

    Outstanding! These are amazing. The second one is like a finger pointing to heaven. I love these!

    What Karen Sees said...

    Both are beautiful, Chad. The stars are so amazing when you get away from the city. Wonderful exposure.

    Dagmar Fleuren said...

    Hi there Chad, wow these are stunning. All those stars...love it.
    Maybe I'll talk to your wife...and convince her you really need it...girl to girl.
    I'll help you out here buddy. Just let me know when to come over. ;-)
    Hugs D.

    Lisa said...

    Chad both of these are so very beautiful. I really envy anyone that can capture stars a never have.
    Your work contiues to inspire me greatly. I hope you have a Sunset Sunday. I m going to look thought my photos and see what I can come up with again. I havent been out . Under the weather but i think all is well now.

    Stefan Jansson said...

    You sure know how to shot a starry night.

    Unknown said...

    beautiful and the angle is perfect.

    David said...

    Great pictures Chad. I look forward to seeing others from your trip. As for your wife and another lens, if you like, I'll speak with her and explain why it is necessary! LOL!

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