Fire in the Sky

  • Thursday, November 18, 2010
  • Chad
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  • The last few nights have yielded great sunsets. This was taken tonight, and if I use Scott's analogy this would be table scraps. The picture is posted as it came from the camera. CLICK ON PHOTO TO ENLARGE.


    darlin said...

    Stunning! Oh how I miss my sunsets, thank you for sharing yours Chad!

    Dagmar Fleuren said...

    Hi Chad, whatever table it's called I love your come they are all so nice and orange and like fire in the sky???
    We don't have those that often?

    So keep them comming my friend, I always enjoy them.
    Hugs D.

    Chad said...

    Dagmar;this picture was taken with no filters or photoshoping.I think I live in area where we have some of the best sunsets anywhere.

    Scott Law said...

    This one is gorgeous. If this is table scraps, throw me some.

    Rick said...

    Not bad for table scraps Chad. I'd almost call this sizzling steak though ! Gorgeous !!

    joey said...

    What a gift, Chad ... thank you for sharing these amazing photos.

    Lisa said...

    Im in aww of this one. I love the tiny bits of blue coming thought the sky . Fantastic colors in the sky. Amaizng shot. Love it enlarged.
    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

    Pedro D. H. said...

    amazing shot! It's really a great view. I loved the texture, and the colors. Landscape shot are the best!

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