To HDR or not

  • Saturday, February 5, 2011
  • Chad
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  • Can you pick the HDR photo and which do you like the best.



    Unknown said...

    Zwei Top HDR, gratuliere.
    Weil ich warme Farbe liebe, ist Bild 1 mein Favorit.
    LG Hanspi

    Scott Law said...

    This is a beautiful shot. There is a teeny bit more detail in the top shot and with that and the slightly warmer color I would say it's the top shot. I will have to post mine of this scene one day soon.

    darlin said...

    Chad I LOVE your first photo, it's richer and deeper than the bottom one. So I too shall say that the top one is in HDR which I only wish I had time to play around with and learn now that I've seen some amazing, breath taking photos done this way!

    Great to see you back here again Chad, have a fantastic day!

    John @ Beans and I on the Loose said...

    Okay, I have to be different. Although both stand equally on their own merits, I am leaning towards the bottom as my favorite as I like the contrast. As for the HDR one, not a clue.

    Rick said...

    Top one - I like the colors and depth, and I'm betting it's the HDR shot.

    Jeanne Frances Klaver said...

    I like them both, but believe the top is the HDR shot.

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