• Tuesday, June 29, 2010
  • Chad
  • It's happened again. My computer is dead! May it rest in peace. My son has ordered some new parts, but since he's getting married in a few days I doubt he'll be interested in working on my computer for a little while even when the parts come in. So I'm off line for at least a couple or three weeks, maybe longer. I'll definitely let you know when I'm back. I'm looking forward to seeing what you've been doing as well as sharing some sunsets I've captured.


    darlin said...

    Sorry to hear about your computer troubles Chad.

    Congrats to your son, I hope you post a shot of the wedding party. I love weddings and the photos, it almost makes me want to get married again! lol I don't know what happened to older and wiser! :-)

    I have a question for you, do you think that it might be cheaper to purchase a new computer vs. putting more money into the old one? I ran into that scenario once, I paid way more to fix my old comp. by nickle and diming myself with parts, my sons are both comp. techs so free labor as well... just a suggestion is all.

    See you when you get back!

    Rick said...

    Technology's great ... when it works well. Good luck with getting it fixed - or getting a new computer. And congrats on your son's wedding.

    We'll be looking forward to your return.

    jennyfreckles said...

    Sounds like you have a lot going on! Hope the wedding goes well and you get the machine fixed in the end. I hate being off-line for long - feels like my lifeline is cut!

    WV is 'Shicki' - I think that's a comment on your predicament.

    Dawning Inspiration said...

    Good luck, best wishes, and I'm so sorry about your computer!!! I hope you all enjoy the time at your son's wedding!

    What Karen Sees said...

    Chad, we miss you.....hurry back! Congrats to your son. My youngest gets married in about 6 weeks!

    Dagmar Fleuren said...

    Hi there Chad, bummers that's awful,... hope you'll get it fixed with the parts....I'll cross my fingers for you.
    Well now I know I'm not alone (not being able to visit ya'all).
    At least you have lots of fun stuff waiting out there to explore with your camera.
    See you around buddy.

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