Sunday Sunset 12-26-2010

  • Sunday, December 26, 2010
  • Chad
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    Scott said...

    Wow Chad, I really love the color in this as it graduates from the deep purple to the gorgeous orange. Just when I think I've got a beauty you come along with something like this. Gorgeous.

    WhatKarenSees said...

    Another beauty, Chad! Just too unfair that you get to end your days with scenes like this so often!!!

    RedWillow said...

    Hi Chad . This is stunning. I love the color.
    Thanks for the encouragment. Im still here and alive. I havnet much to say but will try to get a blog out.
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

    Rick said...

    Well Chad, I think you and Scott have cornered the market on spectacular sunsets ! This one is also a beauty.

    Best wishes for 2011 - I look forward to many more gorgeous sunsets, among other great shots !

    Stacey Dawn said...

    Stunning - love the peak through hole to God... ;o)

    Jeanne Klaver said...

    A lovely photo!

    Barefoot from Heaven said...

    Amzing Chad, you've captured it sooo well. Hope things are fine at your end of the world since it's been a while you were out here.
    Wonderful hugs Dagmar

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