Lake of Color

  • Thursday, April 22, 2010
  • Chad
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  • Another one of my old Yellowstone photos.


    Scott Law said...

    Can't wait to get up there. This photo has been one of my favorites of those you took on your last trip. I love the colors and the shape.

    Dawning Inspiration said...

    I've never really been to Yellowstone - hope to someday make it. I did drive through part of it the year of the big fire... way back when. This is gorgeous - the color of the water fabulous! Hope you guys have a great time!

    Dagmar Fleuren said...

    Gosh you're teasing me already. Scott asked when to pick me up at the airport before you leave for yellowstone...asap please.

    And isn't it amazing what mother nature as in store for us...lovely colours here Chad.
    your next pics of yellowstone will be stunning too.
    Have fun. D. And don't run into bears like I did in BC Canada please.

    What Karen Sees said...

    Yellowstone-what a wonderful place for photographers. I hope you both have a great trip!

    Rick said...

    Beautiful soft colours. I was in Yellowstone once, about 20 years ago - a photographer's dream!

    darlin said...

    This looks like something I've only seen in the movies, the colors are fantastic!

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