Storm on the horizon

  • Thursday, April 22, 2010
  • Chad
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    darlin said...

    Chad that looks like quite the storm brewing there. Another fantastic photo!

    Rick said...

    Ominous sky - almost looks like pending doom! Great lighting which really brings out the colour in the rocks.

    What Karen Sees said...

    Don't you just love it when you see a scene like this and you have your camera ready for the capture. This is indeed ominous, brooding and beautiful.

    Dagmar Fleuren said...

    I hope you weren't around when that storm breaked loose? But it's a wonderful picture.
    Your part of the world is just stunning and breath taken in one word.

    Thanks for your lovely words and looking things up on my dog. And google is just right. He's the best! ;-))))

    Kee (this is dutch for okay in short) gotta go and take my son to his school festival.
    See you around in wonderful blogland Chad.

    Dawning Inspiration said...

    Yikes - that's the kind of storm to stay away from! But it is a beautiful shot!

    Dawning Inspiration said...

    PS: Thanks for showing your wife my images. I'm glad she liked them, too. Hope she gets to have fun while you and Scott go play in Yellowstone!

    Scott Law said...

    We couldn't have timed that much better. I remember you were in the car waiting as I snapped off a couple of last shots and jumped in just as it started to pour. I love the light from the sun on those hill sides mocking the ominous clouds.

    Lisa said...

    Chad - your photos are amazing! Wow - I would love to shoot stuff like this!
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. Your pictures make me want to focus more on my stuff!

    Jeanne Frances Klaver said...

    The dark gray and lighting really help the red rocks pop out. Super shot!

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