Orange Crush

  • Wednesday, May 26, 2010
  • Chad
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  • I know this is kind of a corney picture,but I've always liked layered backgrounds. Just used a filter for this picture,no photoshhop here.


    Scott Law said...

    That is a very pretty monochrome with the orange filter. The layers are very clear and I like that the brightest of the mountains is also the most attractive from a shape standpoint. As you said, this photo does not surprise me one bit.

    darlin said...

    Chad this is far from corny, I love it! What an amazing technique for photos, well this one anyways, it totally works! Good stuff, for lack of better words right about now.

    Rick said...

    Very creative touch to the photo Chad! I really like the textures in the sky.

    Dawning Inspiration said...

    Not sure how I missed this - but wow - fabulous and love the title too.... makes me want to go to the store and buy a bottle!! ;o)

    PS: Thanks for your comment! I get a lot of inspiration for photos from my mom's yard. Her gardens are loaded with all kinds of flowers and trees - truly a photographer's paradise!!

    Jeanne Frances Klaver said...

    It looks like a painting. I like it!

    What Karen Sees said...

    I like this alot, and again, a perfect title.

    Dagmar Fleuren said...

    Notting corney about this one Chad. I'm a succer for pictures like this too. I've got a great one taken in Austria and not much people seem to see what I see in it.

    Do you know the products of VSM biologic health stuff they have? Well they use pics like this for there adds and boxes.
    Wonderful. D.

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